Cafe Scientifique Henley Presents Built on Bones

Brenna Hassett, Scientific Associate of Natural History Museum and author of ‘Built on Bones’ will be giving this month’s talk on Wednesday 18 October at Henley Hockey Club. From analysis of teeth and bones from the urban past, we can track changes to our ways of living. Particular findings from the pyramids of Egypt, central Turkey, island Greece, northern Thailand and the Mesopotamian civilisation will be described.

Copies of Brenna’s book Built on Bones:15,000 years of Urban Life and Death will be available to purchase.

Time: 7:30 for 8pm. Time for a beer or a coffee perhaps?


Please book for this event by sending an email to as we can be full.

Last minute registrations and arrivals may have to be refused.

Admission is free with small voluntary donations gratefully received.




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