Grants Boost to Make a Big Difference for Smaller Community Projects

Groups in South Oxfordshire looking to fund smaller community projects are being encouraged to apply for a grant from their district councillor.

All district councillors in South Oxfordshire now have their own £5,000 budget to help fund projects in their ward areas.   They can give grants towards a range of projects like minor improvements to community facilities, defibrillator purchases, play equipment renovations, or setting up a community website.

The individual councillor grants are available to local ‘not for profit’ organisations (including parish councils) whose work benefits local residents.   This funding is ideal for projects which are relatively low cost and require a quick turnaround and cost between £500 and £5,000.   Decisions are usually made within eight weeks.

Projects which have already received funding include fencing to protect the burial grounds in Garsington, a defibrillator purchase for Berinsfield and a 2018 St George’s Day event in Wallingford.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 19 December, however people should apply to their district councillor as soon as possible – for more information visit

Cllr Elizabeth Gillespie, Cabinet Member for Grants at South Oxfordshire District Council, said: “This is a great opportunity for communities to carry out those projects which are smaller but would still make a big difference for residents. Maybe there is a single piece of play equipment that needs replacing, a hall that needs new furniture, a need for a life-saving defibrillator, or even a new community website project that just needs a small grant to see it take place.   This funding is available now, so please speak with your local district councillor and make sure you submit your application well before the 19 December deadline.”


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