Wish Upon a Tree in Marsh Meadows

The Autumn Equinox for many marks the beginnings and the end of the most important time of the year.  For local resident, Val Stoner it was the perfect day to unveil her new idea of a Wishing Tree in Marsh Meadows.

Val who lives in Henley has helped develop a number of community initiatives including the healing glade four years ago which is next to the Wishing Tree and she founded the Be Well Centre in 2000 (an alternative therapy wellbeing centre) that runs every Monday lunchtime at the King’s Arm Barn.

The Wishing Tree is a Sycamore from the Maple family and Val says, “It is full of love. The Welsh make love spoons from it and guitars and violins are also made from it.  It is said to have great healing powers too with the sap said to help lung complaints, coughs and colds and in the past Measles.  Wishing Trees are found all over the world but the one we know best is at Glastonbury.  In these chaotic times, I hope that people will come and tie a ribbon and wish for the highest good.  The spirit of the tree will make your dreams come true.”

At the unveiling Val read a piece from Tania Gabrielle, a leading astronomer and astrologer about the Autumn Equinox. She says, “This is the perfect time to set a strong intention for the rest of 2017.  This is a time a for dreams coming true.  It’s a time for enhancing partnerships, enchantment and inspires your light to awaken with abundance.  It is about time to put things back where they should be behind us and move forward to the future.  Now in the final stretch of the 2017 instant manifestation is happening and so there is a forward momentum which has intensified and so set your intentions on positive outcomes and forget all about negativity.  Put in the front of your mind the positive things that have happened in the past year and look forward to the future. It is also time to slow down and cultivate gratitude for all the gifts that surround us.”

The small congregation of Val’s friends and Councillors then tied ribbons to the tree and enjoyed a glass of Mead (a natural health honey wine).

Val would like to thank the Town Council for agreeing to adopt the Wishing Tree and to Janet Wheeler the Town Clerk for encouraging her to go ahead.  She hopes that the Wishing Tree will be included in the town tourist guide in the future.  She would also like to thank Beverley Emans for the sodalite crystals which she’s planted around the tree from Glastonbury, ET Sheppard for the stone plaque and Councillor David Eggleton who will set the stone into the ground.

The Major, Councillor Kellie Hinton said, “This is really lovely project and we can see how well received the healing glade already is by the fact that the grass is worn around it. The Wishing Tree is a really lovely idea and it really fits in well with the tranquillity, peacefulness and the mindfulness of Marsh Meadows which is a lot quieter than Mill Meadows.  It’s really nice to support a simple lovely idea and Val is a wonderful lady and everything she does is from the goodness of her heart and she does it for the good of the town.”


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