Residents Receive Fines For Driving Through Townlands Car Park

A number of Henley residents have received penalty notices from Smart Parking in the last week for driving through the car park at Townlands Memorial Hospital.

Elizabeth Singer was one of those who received a fine which stated that on 22 September she entered the car park at 8.20am and left at 9.20am.  She said, “I live on Kings Road and park on York Road quite a lot.  I would have driven through at 8.20am to take the kids to school so straight in and round and exited on to Clarence Road.  Then I happened to drive through again at 9.20am and again, went straight through to Clarence Road.  So basically, they have the photo of me entering on the first occasion and then the exit photo is my car when I came out on the second time.  I know of at least four people who have received a fine for doing the same.  I have of course put in an appeal. I have never ever parked in Townlands on the basis that I can walk there in 45 seconds.”

Janice White also received a ticket when she dropped her daughter off and collected her from a friend’s house in York Road and drove through twice.

Elizabeth has told us of one other person who she knows has received a fine which states they re-entered 2 seconds after they left.   Not sure that is physically possible to get from the top of Clarence Road to the top of York Road.

We asked NHS Property Services and Smart Parking for a statement about this and to date we have received a reply.

If you have a received a fine for doing this, please let us know by leaving the details in the comments box below.



  1. Eva says:

    We live on Kings Road. I drive up York Road through car park and down Clarence Road to park. In the last two weeks I have driven through two or more times on the same day and received two fines. I have appealed. Not sure what has changed? The camera system is flawed if it cannot cope with drive throughs considering it is impossible to drive up Clarence Road and turn around and drive down again to park.

  2. Liz Williams says:

    I live in Clarence Road and have just received a parking charge notice for the 27th September saying I entered at 07.27 and left at 18.36 when in fact I drove through at 7.27 as I was parked in York road. I do this daily and sometimes several times a day. The NHS need to sort this out as it is making everyone’s life a misery. I have appealed and will go to court if I have to.

  3. Nicky says:

    I had an appointment on Friday 29th September filled in my name and car registration was only in the surgery for 10 mins and I have recived a parking fine today 6 th October I will be fighting this fine NOT HAPPY

  4. Mel says:

    I live on kings road and have received a fine in September when I moved my car from a single yellow on York road to a parking space outside my house on kings road at 7.07am they have a photo me entering at this time and exiting after I returned from taking the children swimming at 6pm re same day when looking for a space. An important point that should be made is this road system was made one way wasn’t it? When the townland development was done. I won’t be paying this fine as I didn’t park there.

  5. Teresa Edwards says:

    I live on Kings road and very often drive up York Road and through the Hospital and out Clarence Road depending on availability of residents parking spaces. . I have received two fines for 23 and 27 Sep and my partner has received one for 26 Sep. We have appealed but heard nothing back yet. It is quite unnessarily stressful. We have been doing this for 10 years and many times since the new camera system so why is it suddenly started to record incorrect activity. They MUST have us exiting a few seconds before the recorded entry photo and vice versa. I have been into the hospital and spoke to the admin manager who is aware of it and is in contact with the nhs property Services. I really hope it doesn’t continue for too long!!

  6. Julia Wheeler says:

    WE live in Kings Road and have received two PCN letters from Smart Parking for 23 September alleging unauthorised parking at Townlands Hospital. The photographs they selected as “evidence” show entry at 9:26:53 and exit 10:19:38 and the second notice entry 10:19:52 and exit 18:16:10 — so they are alleging we drove down Clarence Road, along Kings Road and up York Road back into their site in just 14 seconds and in effect parked there all day!! In fact we did not even STOP our car, far less park. We made several circuits at different times that day ( as we do most days) looking for a residents space in Clarence, Kings or York Roads and Smart Parking will have a photograph on their “Smart” system of our car entering or leaving their site within a few seconds of the times on the photographs they have selected. We have complained to Townlands and used Smart Parkings online challenge process, so far without response. Either their system is not so smart as they claim, or they need some smarter people to operate it. Townlands have apparently decided to continue to use Smart Parking ( unlike the Bell and Hart surgeries — thank you ) — so appear to be condoning this harassment of their resident neighbours. The same neighbours many of whom marched and campaigned in support of Townlands being rebuilt. It’s a disgrace, and senior management at Townlands and Smart Parking should get a grip of this shambles without delay.
    N.B. The sequential PCN numbers on our notices end in 4766 and 4824 respectively, indicating at least 58 PCN notices may have been issued by Smart Parking between the first and second notices they issued to us.

  7. Marilyn Halsall says:

    Parking Charge Notice Number
    Date of incident 27/09/2017
    Townlands Community Hospital, Henley on Thames
    I own a house in York Road, Henley on Thames. On the day in question, I drove my daughter’s car from York Road through Townlands to Clarence Road three times. Their cameras have picked up all three occasions but they have mixed them up. I drove into Townlands from York Road at 13.29 immediately driving out to Clarence Road. I drove into Townlands from York Road at 15.39 immediately driving out to Clarence Road. I drove into Townlands from York Road at 16.21 immediately driving out to Clarence Road. At no time did I stop in Townlands.
    Their photographs suggest that I drove into Townlands at 13.29.11 exiting 15.39.55 and in 15.40.25 and out 16:21.13. This would be physically impossible as it would take longer than 30 seconds to return to the site, driving around the circuit of Clarence Road, Kings Road and York Road and why would I?
    Whilst I do not know in detail how their cameras work, having physically inspected them I would suggest that they are taking both pictures of any car both entering and exiting, and both frontal view and rear view. If they are working they should find in their system another eight pictures which would prove what I have said above.

  8. Peter says:

    Same happened to me the last week. I drove through the carpark to pick a friend up who lives on Clarence road, to take them to Tesco. I then returned to drop her off an hour later…but the camera seemed to think I had been parked in the carpark all that time!
    I have appealed but am still awaiting a response!
    Their ANPR system is clearly flawed and needs addressing before they issue any more fines in the Townlands Community Hospital carpark. I bet they are hoping people will be too scared to appeal and will just cough up £60

  9. richard says:

    I have 3 fines so far , all drive throughs only as we have been staying in York road . Numbers are TC 46641300 TC 46641242 TC46528024. 2 on the same day!

  10. Pippa shepherd says:

    Same has just happened to me. I am not going to pay and will go to court if I have to. I had a booked appointment at the hospital, entered my registration details as requested and have received a fine.

  11. Paul W says:

    I parked for an appointment at Townlands. The Parking Charge notice from “Smart Parking” of Birmingham shows my car was in the car park for less than 19 minutes. I had registered on their system in Reception, but “Smart Parking” is demanding £100, or £60 for prompt payment. – Free parking?
    “Smart Parking” is not very smart!
    They can whistle for it.
    Paul W


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