Geek Girl Author Moved Me By How She Has Overcome Problems

Holly Smale is the Number One bestselling, multi-award winning author of the GEEK GIRL series.

When Holly Smale reached the end of her talk, I felt moved by the problems she had faced at school and inspired with how she had overcome them. Holly had been bullied by many children in her secondary school, but she still worked hard to achieve her goals.

Holly’s talk was really interesting and her achievements are certainly amazing. She has now sold over one million books.

It was a privilege to attend the event which was held at Henley’s Town Hall.

If you are 9 years or older and you ever get the incredible opportunity of meeting Holly Smale, I would highly recommend it. In the meantime, I would suggest you read her books starting with the first book in the series of GEEK GIRL.

By Ines
Age 10
Badgemore Primary School

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