Free Tyre Health Check at Tesco

Motorists in Henley are being offered the chance to have a free tyre health check at Tesco on the Reading Road on Friday 27 October between 10-2pm  to ensure tyres are properly inflated and have a safe thread depth.

This is part of Oxfordshire County Council’s 365alive Think Safety initiative.

More than one in three tyres are being driven below the vehicle manufacturers recommendation pressure – making vehicles more difficult to control and the tyres themselves more vulnerable to wear and tear.

Overall, surveys show that more than 50 per cent of car and vans on the roads are being driven on tyres that are below recommended inflation pressures, which increases fuel consumption.

Oxfordshire County Council’s road safety education team and firefighters will be the experts delivering the checks at the following locations with assistance from partner organisations, T Micheldever/Pro Tyre and Merityre.

Andy Ford, Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue’s Road Safety Manager, said: “Your tyres are the only thing connecting your car to the road and good grip is essential especially during the winter weather. If tyres are not properly inflated, then it could affect the performance of the tyre and make it more vulnerable to damage.”

“Each month would encourage all drivers to act on ACT. A is for air pressure; C is for condition and T is for tread. Checking these three things when doing tyre safety checks will keep you safe as well as anyone in your vehicle.”

Unable to make it to one of the events?

An online tyre pressure checker is here & TyreSafe members nationally are offering a free tyre health checks throughout the whole month, to find your local retailer visit

It’s important to check tyres regularly because the inflation and tread grooves on your tyres influence the way your car accelerates, breaks and corners. Without sufficient tread depth and correct pressure, your tyres may not be able to grip the road properly and you face an increased risk of aquaplaning.

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