Henley Girls U10 Hockey Team Undefeated at Reading

Great start to the season for Henley Girls U10s Hockey Tournament at Reading.  A change from last season meant that the U10’s were playing a girls only tournament (as opposed to mixed in earlier years). So with it being the first tournament of the year and a group of girls who had never played together as a team before, they headed to Reading not knowing what to expect.

But the girls played amazing well as a team with great defensive work by Lilian Graham and Georgie Pike (only conceding 2 goals in our 5 games).  The strength of the midfield allowed Henley to keep their structure. This was due to the tireless tackling and endless running from Gemma Chidwick ,  Alex Forehand  and Kirsten Botha. Kirsten also scored 5 goals including a hat-trick against Reading. With further goals from the forwards Niamh Mackenzie (2 goals) , Nancy Gillingham (1 goal) and Isla Forrest (1 goal) it was a real team effort. So 3 wins and 2 draws meant that the girls were undefeated and the highlight being their 4-0 victory over Reading 1.

Henley v Reading 2, won 3-0 (Kirsten Botha 3)
Henley v Newbury 1, drew 0-0
Henley v Reading1, won 4-0 (Kirsten Botha 1, Isla Forrest, 1 Nancy Gillingham 1, Niamh Mackenzie 1)
Henley v Marlow 3, drew 1-1  (Nancy Gillingham 1)
Henley v Marlow 2, won 2-1 (Kirsten Botha 1 , Niamh Mackenzie 1)

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