Why Children Love Badgemore School

Badgemore Primary School are holding an Open Morning tomorrow, Friday 20 October for prospective new parents to look around the school from 9.30am with a talk by new headteacher Mrs Marion Arnold followed by a tour of the school.   Badgemore is a Forest School with beautiful grounds so the children love learning inside and out.  The above photo shows the Year 5 and 6 enjoying a history lesson where the children explore how to make lipstick in the style of the Indus People (around 5000 years ago)!

The children were asked to write why they love Badgemore, here are two lovely stories….

Why I love Badgemore

Badgemore Primary School is known for its beautiful land and amazing forest school programme. As a student at Badgemore for the last 4 years, I agree that the gardens are beautiful and forest school is great, but the reason I love Badgemore is because the teachers and student are like a second family to me.

When I first moved to Henley from America, I was so nervous about going to school. In America the schools are huge and there are lots of people. I thought it would be like that here and I was so worried. On my first day at school, I felt a bit sick and thought I would not make any friends.

From the very first day, everyone made me feel welcome and treated me like I had always been there. With only around 100 students in the whole school, I felt like I knew everyone and everyone knew me. I was Audrey and not just student 101! When I am dropped off at school now my stomach never churns because I know I’m in good hands and going to have a great day.

By Audrey
Age 9

Why I love going to Badgemore Primary School

I have been coming to Badgemore for 5 years now. It is in the heart of Henley and, I think, the best school in the community.
I wish there could be more children…wait, isn’t that why we are holding an open morning for the people of Henley to see how wonderful we are.
At Badgemore, we learn inside and out and that makes the lessons amazing. All the teachers are strict, but fun at the same time. I would recommend Badgemore for people who like the best learning in Henley.

By Toby
Age 10

PS I am so lucky to be here today and having the opportunity to publish my writing in the Herald.

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