Ex Mayor Planning to Save Santa’s Sleigh

Ex Mayor, Pam Phillips hopes to save the Round Table’s Santa sleigh after it was announced in September that the Henley Round Table had folded due to lack of members.

Pam has been in discussions with ex members of the Round Table and Henley Lions to discuss continuing this very popular Christmas tradition and she’s calling on ‘elf’ volunteers to help with the collections each evening.  She needs about 8 elves per evening to knock on doors, invite children out and ask for donations.

Pam said, “I love Christmas and my children who are now in their 30s and 40s looked forward to this special event each year and last year my six-year-old grandson, Rhys was staying with me when Santa came round on his sleigh and it was very special moment to share with him.  I think it would be such a shame for this tradition to be lost in Henley. I’m prepared to put in the effort to help reclaim the magic of Christmas for the small children of the town.”

Henley Lions have agreed to be the umbrella charity for the collections and donations will be made to their charities which include the annual Christmas party for children from Bishopswood School in Sonning Common, which is held at Phyllis Court Club and money left over will go to local charities.

If you would like to volunteer, call Pam on 07970 130146 or email her at pamelaannphillips@yahoo.co.uk


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