Councillor Simon Smith Resigns

Henley Town Councillor Simon Smith has resigned.

Simon, a Conservative, who has lived in Henley for 15 years was first elected as a Councillor in 2011 and then re-elected in May 2015.  He was the Chair of the Planning Committee and Henley in Bloom and was nominated to be Deputy Mayor elect this year before the Conservatives lost their majority on the Council at this year’s May by-election.

Simon said, “The reason is quite simply that in my opinion being a Town Councillor is a job (albeit a second one) that you should do to the best of your ability, unfortunately, if you do not enjoy your job you cannot do that. Over the past few weeks I have found that I no longer enjoy that job and therefore I felt I could not do it to the best of my ability and serve the electorate in the way they deserve. The reasons for this are varied but basically, I feel the Town Council is being unbalanced by certain Councillors who have forgotten what being a Town Councillor is all about, i.e. doing what is best for the town and its residents rather than just making political gain.”

“If I had felt I could remain a Councillor doing the one area I really enjoyed which was being on the Planning Committee, the only non-political committee of them all, I would have, but that would not have been an option as official council politics would not allow that.”

“Over the years I have really enjoyed and cherished my position as a Councillor of this wonderful town and in particular the Henley in Bloom and Planning Committee. I would like say thank you to all those that have made it enjoyable, yet challenging, and also thank you to all the residents that put their faith in me and voted for me.”

Chair of the Henley Conservatives, Frank Browne said, “We confirm that yesterday we received notification that Simon Smith has resigned from Henley Town Council with effect from the 3 November 2017. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Simon for his service on Henley Town Council where he served as Chairman of the Planning Committee.
Throughout his time on the Council he has brought a unique and invaluable perspective which we will miss. We will shortly be selecting our candidate for the by-election to replace Simon.If you are interested in standing please contact me on 07852 602702.”

  1. nittypicker says:

    Correct procedure when a vacancy comes up is to contact the council itself, not the local Conservative party organizer! What if some ones wants to stand in Smith’s seat for a different party or as an independent????


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