Phyllis Court Fireworks Sparkle Over Henley

Phyllis Court Fireworks 2017Phyllis Court Fireworks 2017Phyllis Court Fireworks 2017

The skies over Henley sparkled on Sunday Night as Phyllis Court Club held their annual firework display.

The event at the Private Members Club, which was attended by a crowd of more than five hundred, took a new format this year which was very well received. As well as a magnificent firework display Members and their guests enjoyed warming street food such as Bowland Forest beef stew, noodle ramen, and waffles from the pop-up Food Court, as well as hot chocolate, spirited mulled wine and, of course, Champagne.

The riverside Club was filled with laughter and merry making as families and friends assembled on the terrace to watch the fifteen-minute spectacle. Paul Dawson, Professional Firer from Firework Crazy, choreographed the display: “We used Category 4 fireworks which are not available to the public, and are the very best on the market.”

The evening received high praise from the audience with Lynne Fontannaz describing the display as “sensational” and the food as “excellent”. Christopher Southgate said, “our family and friends, especially the children, really enjoyed the evening!” and Emma Vanstone-Booth said the event was an “excellent family evening out – we really enjoyed the format, and the fireworks were of a really high standard.”

Commercial Director, Caroline O’Connor was delighted with the event, “We changed the format this year to incorporate the street food and drinks on the terrace and it was clear to see from the sheer number of attendees that the format was popular. There was a fantastic atmosphere, the food was delicious, and Firework Crazy put on a magnificent show. We will definitely do it again next year.”


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