Rupert House Mark Remembrance with Help of Lest We Forget

Mike Willoughby from the ‘Lest We Forget’ project visited Rupert House School this week to talk about what it was like to be soldier in WW1 and to show our children his collection of kit and artefacts as well as talking about the soldiers who died from Henley during this time of Remembrance.

Mike talked to the children about how old the soldiers were, many of whom were underneath the legal age of 19 when they joined up.  Mike said, “Back then no would question whether you said your correct age and no proof was asked for.  Many were discovered they were only 16 after they were already over in France.”

In years 2-6 each pupil took one of the Henley soldiers from Mike’s book, “Bringing Them Home” and have added the details about the solider on to a cross which on Friday, they will place in our own garden at their Remembrance Service.

Deputy Headteacher Mrs Sarah Williams explained, “We wanted the remembrance to be about the real people who gave so much for our freedom.”

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