Henley Poppy Appeal – Military Vehicles on Display

The Berks and Oxon Area Military Vehicle Trust and all three Henley cadet forces are helping the Poppy Appeal collections in the town centre today, Saturday 11 November.

Dave Thatcher from the Military Vehicle Trust said, “All our military vehicles are privately owned and maintained by our members. We are keen enthusiasts, taking and displaying our vehicles at various places throughout the year. We are always willing to support the Royal British Legion. I will also be here with my son, Josh, and a couple of our vehicles for tomorrow’s Remembrance Parade.”

Karen Thatcher told the Henley Herald that her husband, Dave, and their son, Josh, have been military car enthusiasts for at least 16 years. Both Dave and Karen are from military families, with several relatives either in or connected to the armed forces.

Mrs Thatcher said, “Josh knew when he was a very small boy that he wanted to join the army. On his sixteenth birthday, he went to the Careers Office at Gillotts to enquire about enlisting. He is now serving with the Royal Yeomanry Windsor.”

The vehicles on display have all served with the armed forces from the Jeeps of WWII to the various models of the Land Rover from modern day battles and conflicts. Each vehicle has its own history and story to tell. Feel free to pop down to Market Place today to chat to Dave, Josh, and their colleagues to support this very worthwhile cause.