Author & Illustrator Inspires Children at Valley Road School

Last week, author and illustrator Christina Balit visited Year 5 and Year 6 children at Valley Road School.

Having read her book, Escape from Pompeii, and been inspired, the children had produced artwork and writing which was displayed in the school’s entrance.

A parent of the school, Nicky Jex, who knew the author, sent photos of the work and Christina said she would love to come and meet the children. She spoke to them about how she trained as an artist and then became an illustrator as well as showing them how the whole illustrating process works – from doodled ideas to glossy colour books.

The children thought she was brilliant and class teacher Rachel Herbert said “It is great to meet a ‘real-life’ illustrator. It brings it home to the children that this is something that can be done, not just for fun – a number of the children left saying that’s what they wanted to do in the future!”

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