Mermaid Statue Pushed Into River Overnight by Vandals

Vandals have caused more damage at Red Lion Lawn overnight (Tuesday).  They have pushed the mermaid statue into the river and have broken tables and thrown umbrellas belonging to the Red Lion Hotel into the river.

The Henley Ama mermaid statue was installed in June 2013 and is one of 20 statues donated by the Noor Foundation around the world. The Henley mermaid is the only one in England.

This is the second incident of vandalism at Red Lion Lawn this year.  In February vandals sprayed graffiti on the under bridge, benches were broken and the area was a dumping ground for rubbish.

Sam Gill, Manager at the Red Lion Hotel said, “We informed the Town Council this morning and although we have some damaged property, the recovery of the mermaid statue is the most important thing.  We don’t have any information about the culprits who did this but we have been calling for the Town Council to install CCTV on Red Lion Lawn.  I hope that after this incident they will be consider this seriously.”

Hobbs of Henley are helping the recovery of the mermaid statue this afternoon.

Henley Town Clerk, Janet Wheeler said, “Henley Town Council is enormously grateful to Johnnie Hobbs for their help in rescuing this well loved Henley landmark. We are working with the Red Lion Hotel to put in improved lighting and CCTV cameras to stop the constant anti-social behaviour that this area attracts. Unfortunately, SODC do not consider that there are enough incidents to make a camera necessary in this location. Cllr Hillier and myself will be meeting with SODC next week on a regular CCTV management meeting and we will bring this up.”



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