Badgemore School’s Impressive Transformation of Their Grounds

Badgemore Primary SchoolBadgemore Primary SchoolBadgemore Primary SchoolBadgemore Primary SchoolBadgemore Primary School

Badgemore Primary School, on the edge of Friar Park in Henley, has witnessed an impressive transformation in the last several years. One of the many changes includes the redevelopment of the school grounds with significant contributions from the dedicated parents and incredible support from the local community.

Tuc Ahmad, parent and governor shares his thoughts, “It’s been inspiring to be part of an effort that has parents and so many from the broader community contributing to the transformation of the school grounds.  The evolution over the last 30 months have taken us all by surprise. Apart from the football pitch, almost every other living area of our grounds was in the original ten year plan to improve biodiversity and make a more stimulating environment for students. And we have made some level of progress in every part already. It’s satisfying to stand back and admire the trees and plants get more established and draw in more wildlife. And it’s great we have have time for cakes and hot drinks at each Garden Club session. It’s become a fun social gathering.”

Improvements to the grounds have included:

  • The planting of an orchard of apple, pear, plum and greengage bushes
  • Chestnut fencing to demarcate more sensitive nature friendly areas
  • A new cabin for bee equipment, Garden Club equipment and Forest School equipment
  • Decking and enclosure for bee hives and remote monitering equipment
  • The planting of over 200 saplings from Woodland Trust
  • Lots of mature Laurel cut down and chipped or left to decay which is creating bug friendly habitats
  • Pollinator friendly plants planted as a long seasonal feeding resource
  • The meadow areas are now only cut twice a year and  have been successfully seeded with parasitic Yellow Rattle to weaken grasses and encourage more wildflowers to establish
  • A new wildlife pond which used over 30 tons of waste soil from the local cemetery to create the banks
  • Several raised beds have been constructed
  • The construction of compost bins
  • Water butts to recycle rain water
  • and a composting enclosure for leaf litter

“Badgmore Primary School grounds are like a hidden gem for all our children to enjoy playing and  learning in,” said Marion Arnold, the new Headteacher.

Junior Gardening Club member, Isaac chips in with, “It is amazing because of all of the progress like the new shed, bees and the decking.” His younger brother, Noah added, “I like planting because I can watch everything growing bigger and bigger. I’m looking forward to eating the scrumptious apples and pears!”


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