Lanterns Lead the Way at Christmas Festival by Oscar

Last Friday, children from the Henley primary schools paraded around Henley waving beautiful lanterns above their head. Four schools participated and these included: Badgemore, Trinity, Valley Road and Shiplake.

During the preceding week, staff from the River and Rowing museum visited the primary schools to help make the lanterns. Children were split into pairs then given wonderful resources to build their lanterns. By the end of each day,  there were many beautiful lanterns ready to be shown.

On the day, all the students who participated joined together at the River and Rowing Museum and picked up their lanterns. They set off at 5:00pm and walked along the river Thames until they had reached the Kenton Theatre. On the way, people stood outside shops gave out sweets and cookies to the passing children.

With the help of the Mayor, the River and Rowing Museum who organised the event. Alana, a year three student from Badgemore thought that the parade went really well.

By Oscar Princivalle
Badgemore Primary School

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