Boat Vandalised at Mill Meadows

A narrow boat owned by Henley resident Nicky Pitt, which was moored down on Mill Meadows, was vandalised on Tuesday night (5 December) at around 5pm.

Three windows on the boat were damaged. Two windows had the glass smashed in and the third window had a shoe print on the reinforced glass but the frame was badly damaged implying that all the windows on the boat had been kicked.

Nicky Pitt said, “I got a call from Hobbs saying that they had reports of four men running over the roof of another boat parked next to mine and that my boat windows had been damaged.  The boat owner next to mine also had two windows kicked whilst he was on the boat!”  Nicky’s partner, Andrew Seldon called the police on 101 and asked them to look at the CCTV footage which showed four people making their way down to the river just before the crime and within 10 minutes the police were at the scene.

Andrew said, “The police were very helpful and prompt in their response. We are also very grateful to Hobbs who alerted us and who have offered to move the boat down nearer to their offices.  It’s very that sad that people get kicks out of damaging other people’s properties.”

On Friday night after the Christmas Festival, Hobbs has also reported that their inflatable Santa on the New Orleans boat was damaged by breaking off the wire connections and a head of one of the reindeers was damaged.  The Santa has been repaired is now back up and the reindeer is being repaired.

This is the second act of vandalism in Henley in just a couple of weeks – the first being the damage to tables at Red Lion Lawn and the Mermaid statue being pushed into the river.  If you saw or know anything about this crime, please call the Police on 101.

Photo: Mark Rowberry


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