Medal Haul for Springbox at Reading Competition

On Sunday 10 December Springbox attended an invitational floor and vault competition in style, not even the weather was going to stop them! The competition hosted by Virtue Gymnastics in Reading saw 6 other clubs compete.

All the coaches travelled together and left shortly after the snowfall started and by the time they arrived close to the venue the snow was heavy and they had to leave the car and walk a mile to arrive at the venue.

Carly Belcher, Springbox Coach said, “Throughout the day all gymnasts that competed did very well across all age categories and taking away medals and overall winners for each category competed in.”

The medal winners were:

Isabella Stobie –  Bronze floor and Silver vault

George Weatherby Bates  – 2 Silvers floor and vault

Georgia Ruff  – Bronze vault

Bella Fooks – Silver floor

Ellin Barr – Bronze vault

Tilly Makkar – Bronze vault

Mimi Whitfield – Bronze floor

Olivia Belcher – Gold Vault

Wiktoria Karbowa – Gold vault

Charlotte Hodgekinson –  Silver floor,  Bronze vault & Overall Champion


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