Smart Parking Not Engaging With Surgeries To Resolve Fines

Since the Smart Parking contract was cancelled at the doctors’ surgeries on 16 November 2017, both Practice Managers at the Bell and Hart Surgery have been trying to resolve and cancel over 100 outstanding fines without success.

Many patients who were issued with an original £60 fine, have now seen their fines increase to £120 and £180 and some have now been sent debt collectors letters threatening court action.

Louise West, Practice Manager at the Bell Surgery, said “Prior to the 16 November we worked well with Smart Parking and they cancelled fines that we asked them to.  Since then both myself and Sarah Moberly, Practice Manager at the Hart Surgery, have tried constantly to engage with Smart Parking by both email and phone without success.  We therefore sent a recorded delivery letter to the Smart Parking’s Chief Executive, Paul Gillespie, before Christmas asking for their help to resolve the issues.  We haven’t received a reply and a follow-up letter has been sent this week.  Although the fines are between the patient and Smart Parking and we are just a third party we feel very responsible and feel a duty of care to support our patients.”

Over half of the outstanding fines Louise told us were for patients who had stayed for just over 10 mins and she believes this was when the surgeries asked Smart Parking to switch off the cameras completely during flu clinics and they then did not reset or override the default time of 10 mins to the correct 20 mins grace period.

Louise added, “We really don’t want a dispute with Smart Parking, we just want to resolve this for our patients, many of whom are losing sleep over the threatening letters they have been receiving. This really does matter to us and I personally wouldn’t want this to happen to myself.  We just want all the incorrect fines quashed and cancelled.”

Come on Smart Parking, your reputation for new contracts isn’t going to be helped if you don’t resolve this.


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