Badgemore School Children Design Adverts for Local Shop Boatique

Years 5 and 6 of Badgemore Primary School have been helping out a local shop, ‘Boatique’, in getting more sales.  As you can guess by the name, the shop sells products for boats as well as decorations for your house too.

For a fortnight, Cedar and Beech Class have been studying adverts to try and create their own.  Having gone through the process of editing and writing it, Badgemore was proud to present their adverts to Jules, the owner of Boatique.

When designing the adverts, the children looked at Boatique’s targeted audience, which were professionals, and aimed their adverts at them.

“It was easy to promote such an exciting and varied shop like Boatique,” said Freja, a year 5 pupil, “particularly with the knowledge that we were promoting small businesses and manufacturers along the way.”

A pupil asked Jules, “How do you know if we’ve done a good job advertising for your shop?”

She said that if she sees an increase in sales, she would know that we have succeeded in helping her out.

By Freja, aged 10.

The advert Jules thought was the best was Beatrice’s below (click to enlarge)


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