Have Your Say – Dog Poo Bags Part of River Walk Scenery

Last week we visited Henley from London, and had a wonderful walk along the river, a stop at the Flower Pot Hotel, then back over the hills, returning into behind Henley via the path behind the Leander club.

Where the path leaves the woods, we came across an amazing collection of black plastic bags.  The photo below is just part of the scenery.

Dr C J Perry
London, NW8

Dog owners, please dispose of your bags responsibility and Wokingham Borough Council, you’ve been asked many times before for more dog poo bins along the towpath.  Please don’t let this spoil our visitors’ experience.

  1. P Knights says:

    Really cannot understand the thinking behind leaving full pooh bags in the countryside. If you are not going to take your dog waste bag home (it only needs a small plastic carrier bag) then for Goodness sake leave it to biodegrade naturally. This won’t happen if it’s in a bag! It would be nice to have some waste bins along the towpath for this purpose but someone has to empty them and I can understand the reluctance of Wokingham Borough Council to install these. The best thing is to be a responsible dog owner and come equipped with the necessary bags. Not pleasant but you got the dog!

  2. J Dobson says:

    We visited Henley on Tuesday 6th March and walked along the river to Hambledon Lock. We were disgusted at the amount of dog poo and dog poo bags left along the path. Between Temple Island and the bridge at Henley there were THIRTEEN lots of poo and THREE bags. PLEASE dog owners of Henley be responsible and clear up after your pets and bin it or if necessary take it home. Henley council please install bins or notices warning dog owners of the fines that can be imposed. One small notice near the bridge asking to clear up is not enough. You have notices asking boat owners not to leave rubbish so a few more for dog owners may make a difference and make the walk a pleasant experience again.


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