Fraudulent Man Claiming to be from the Council

A man has been reported to be knocking at doors in St Marks Road yesterday (Tuesday) who targeted an elderly couple, claiming that the Council had sent him round to cut down a tree in a front garden that he said, “was obstructing a mains power line” (it was actually a phone line) and demanded £400 payment.

Luckily the elderly couple refused to pay but the man didn’t want to take no for answer and said he would be back tomorrow and to make sure they had the money “as the tree had to come down because it’s the law.” They asked the man for a card and contact details which he didn’t provide so they contacted the council to find that he wasn’t sent by them.  They then informed the police.

There has been no sighting of the man today but other residents in St Marks Road have shared on Facebook that a man offering to cut trees has been knocking on their doors too.

Please be vigilant and warn your elderly or vulnerable neighbours.  If you believe that someone is acting suspiciously, please inform the police on 101.



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