More Clinics & Services Being Considered for Townlands

Statistics shown at the recent Townlands Stakeholdere Reference Group (TSRG) meeting that the new Townlands Memorial Hospital is now providing many more clinics and appointments than at the old Townlands.

The stakeholders were presented with figures as well as anecdotal evidence that showed that the services have transferred well to the new hospital.  The possibility of more services being provided at Townlands was raised given the space available not only on the middle floor but also on the unused top floor. It was pointed out that while the space on the middle floor does exist, it is not part of the Rapid Access Care Unit RACU assigned space.  The Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust (RBFT) Outpatients Transformation Working Group however is considering, amongst other things, further devolution of services from Reading to satellite sites. A consultation will take place later this year. RBFT were asked to keep the TSRG informed on progress with TSG members expressing their keenness to support the project.

The report on the Rapid Access Care Unit (RACU) showed that this service continues to operate successfully since opening one year ago. It is gradually increasing the number of patients, and the report backed up the anecdotal reports from patients and staff that the service is well received by patients. However there was concern that were some aspects in the report were not covered including Delayed Transfer of Care (DTOC) from the Royal Berks to Townlands, Henley patients unable to be accommodated (and having to be sent a long way from homes and family), DTOC from Townlands to home care due lack of Home Care packages and data from Adult Social Care services.

Anne Lankester, Oxfordshire CCG Primary Care Locality Co-ordinator made a presentation at the meeting on future plans for Primary Care (ie GP services) and is responsible for responding to planning applications and ensuring that the increased number of housing and residents are reflected in increasing the capacity GP services. She has succeeded in getting Community Infrastracture Levy (CIL) payments and S106 agreements to cover this. She has agreed to discuss with Henley Town Council and other groups in the town on how this can be used.

Future TSRG meetings would all be open to the public. However meetings could have closed sessions where it is appropriate and it was noted that some papers would need reviewing before meetings and may be available to members only initially.




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