Henley Property Blog – When Buying a House Do You Let Your Heart Rule Your Head?

Valentine’s Day is looming and love is in the air!  When buying a house do you let your heart rule your head? You are not alone.

Back in 2012, Rightmove carried out some research asking 3,000 participants that exact question. Apparently when buying a property 29% of us are hit by love at first sight! For those looking to rent it is 27%. When the same question was asked of the home owners 38% confirmed that they knew it was the right house for them by the end of the first viewing. In fact only 6% needed a 2nd or 3rd viewing before falling for their new home. (Source : www.rightmove.com 2012)

It would appear that we do indeed know almost immediately if we will live happily ever after. Statistically it is often reported that it takes just 20 seconds to know if this is the right house for you and yet it pays to be cautious. After all, it is one of the biggest investments we will make!

So how can you prevent your heart from ruling your head? The best thing to do is to draw up a practical tick list first which gives you a picture of the type of house you need;  the location that is most practical for work and schools, the budget you can actually afford etc. Only when you have finalised the list, should you begin to look at the online portals or in the newspapers to check out the houses that come close to ticking the boxes on that list. In that way you avoid ‘falling head over heels’ for a house that is miles from the local school or that you simply cannot afford.

Love will however win through. As confirmed by Angie Kraft of Simmons & Sons, Henley on Thames “We often have buyers who come to register with us with a mental check list of their perfect property but then go on to buy something completely different because ‘it feels right’.  When looking for a home, practicality is clearly important but here in the UK we also need an emotional connection to a property before we put an offer forward.”

It would appear that for most homebuyers ‘Cupid needs to strike’. As vendors trying to attract a buyer there are certainly things you can do to seduce a prospective buyer during a viewing. Here are just a few:

Remember that first impressions count and make sure the front garden is tidy and appealing and the front door is in good order. Planted containers or a pair of potted bay trees can make all the difference

The entrance hall can close the deal for many buyers so be sure that yours is in good order decoratively and that it is clutter free and welcoming,  possibly with a large mirror over the radiator to increase the space visually

Create a welcoming ambience with scented candles, fresh flowers, a lit fireplace and luscious soft furnishings

The kitchen is another key area and buyers are seduced by a clutter free, streamlined space that is sparkling clean and fresh

Bathrooms are also vital and need to be dressed to impress with all the day to day toiletries and faded towels removed. Think 5* hotels and lay out some fluffy white towels and bottled hand soaps and gels just like a spa

Finally, the master bedroom needs to suggest relaxation and sanctuary. This is the room where your buyers will come to escape from the world and a tidy yet cosy room with coordinated bedlinen, cushions and a textured throw can work magic.

Then sit back and wait for your all important first date!

For more help and advice please contact the Residential Sales Team at Simmons & Sons on 01491 571111 or email us res.sales.henley@simmonsandsons.com