The Jungle Book – Stomping Good Fun for All the Family

Kids will go wild for this new musical adaption by Immersion Theatre of the classic Jungle Book which sees a brilliant cast tell the original story through catchy songs and almost un-bear-able Baloo jokes!

Immersion Theatre who were behind this year’s Henley Panto, Robin Hood, started the tour of the show with sold out performances at the Kenton this weekend.  The show sees a much-loved tale of Mowgli and his friends in a stomping, panto like, fun jungle adventure.

Down in the jungle you’ll see Mowgli, a man club (or in this version a girl cub) not washing his clothes but doing lots of great boogie woogie-ing with his lovable pal Baloo.  There’s plenty of hilarious monkey business going on too which sees a clever play on the ‘King’ of the Jungle character emerge from behind the trees – no spoilers here!

Right from start, there’s lots of audience participation with Baloo asking if everyone would like to be part of the Wolf pack and he’s quite relieved when he’s asks whether they should keep Mowgli and gets a resounding yes.  Replying, “Well there wouldn’t be much of a plot otherwise!”  Watch out if you’re in the front row – you might be picked from the pack for a special jungle cameo too!

If you’re worried about your children being scared of Shere Khan, the tiger – don’t be as he’s a lovable rogue with a very cool glitzy costume!

Like all good pantos, there’s some great jokes with modern day references including Donald Trump and Brexit for the adults to enjoy.

We loved the costumes, particularly the ingenious costume/puppet of Kaa the snake and the very funny larger than life elephant ones which must have been quite hard to dance in.

The story as always has great morals to it including that not everyone fits in – leading to a very clever explanation of why Mowgli in this version is played by a girl.

An all-round fun family show – kids will go bear-zerk for! 

At the end of the show the cast announced that Immersion Theatre would be returning to the Kenton this Christmas with a Dick Whittington panto which saw great cheers from the audience.

Dick Whittington will run from 15-29 December with 24 performances.  Based on audience feedback there will be less shows during term time with three performances over the weekend of 22-23 Dec and Boxing Day as they have proved the most popular.  Earliest ever panto on sale for Kenton – six months ahead of recent years!








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