Zombie Run in Honour of Simon Priestley

The first Henley Zombie Run will take place on Sunday 25 February and was the vision of Simon Priestley who sadly lost his life in January whilst playing for the Henley Bears.  This new event will be in aid of PIP (Pursuing Independent Pathways), a charity which works with supporting adults with learning disabilities and one that Simon supported many times through riding the annual Henley PIP Mountain Bike Challenge.

The run will start and finish at the Maltsers Arms pub in Rotherfield Greys.  Kick off is at 3.30pm.  Each runner starts with four life-flags and will be chased by the Zombies.  Those who manage to run the 3 miles and get back to basecamp (Lovibonds) without having suffered four “Zombie Bites” (aka zombies grabbing all of your life flags) will receive the all clear and be free to have a drink in the pub. Those who don’t…well…we all know what happens to them?!

You can choose to be a Zombie too?  Your mission is to take as many runners’ tags as possible.  Small packs of zombies will be in waiting along the course in advance of the runners’ setting off. Zombies are responsible for their own makeup and costumes, and encouraged to be as creative as possible!

Afterwards there will be a reception at Lovibonds, Greys Road car park.

Zombie Run costs £15 to enter for Runners and Zombies.  To register go to http://piponline.org.uk/zombie/



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