Henley Army Cadets Get a Taste of the Regular Army

Cadets from Henley Detachment visited the Royal Engineers and Royal Artillery over the half-term holiday to gain an on the ground experience into how the Armed Forces operates at a regimental level.

On a cold and wet Tuesday 13th February the cadets visited the Royal Artillery in Larkhill. The day started at a pace with a visit to the gun line to observe some live firing of the 105mm Light Gun. They had a chance to get up close and discover a little more about the equipment and the role of the Royal Artillery, after a very welcome hot brew and range stew it was a quick move to the target end. This time the cadets, from a safe distance, were able to observe the fall of shot and how the gunners ranged onto their target for the main all guns fire mission. Finally, it was back to camp to get closer to, and hands-on, some of the other equipment in the gun park, including the AS90.

On Wednesday 14th February the cadets went to Gibraltar Barracks to see the Royal Engineers in action. The visit started with an enthusiastic brief about the RE and the multitude of trades available within the Corps. A quick move to the training area saw the cadets thrown into a mental and practical challenge. With a limited range of equipment, they were set the task of clarifying some distinctly muddy water. Four teams one result, clear water! This activity was closely followed by hands-on experience of operating plant such as cranes, grabs and drops lorries. Finally, the RE gave a demonstration of the use of pyrotechnics to produce simulations of air strikes and other weapon systems an important element to the safe training for regular soldiers, but for cadets simply awesome to see and hear.


The Army Cadet Force is a national youth organisation sponsored and supported by the Ministry of Defence for 12 to 18 year olds, Army Cadets provides a challenging and varied syllabus based on military themes. Henley Army Cadet Force parade every Wednesday from 1900 to 2130 at The Old TA Centre on Friday Street and are currently looking for new. Cadets and Adult Volunteers, feel free to come along and experience something new. Please contact Detachment Commander 2Lt Thomas Fearn on 3875fear@armymail.mod.uk or on 07500 504397.

We’ve also added a quick and easy form to express an interest: https://armycadets.com/become-a-cadet/how-to-join/register-as-a-cadet/




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