Rupert House Record First Music Charity CD

Rupert House School children have made their first ever music CD with 25 tracks performed by soloists and ensembles.

Jennie Baxter, Head of Music and Performing Arts at Rupert House said,We have so many talented musicians at Rupert House and so I thought it would be nice to record some of them performing so they could enjoy listening to their CD for years to come. It is a new venture for the school and hopefully will be something that we do every year and include the Lower School in, too.”

Over 60 Upper School children were involved in performing for the CD.  Some of the children have been learning their instrument for a long time but some were just beginners who have just perfected their first piece.

Millie Newman, aged 10 won the competition to design the CD sleeve artwork and the proceeds from sales of the CDs will go to the Felix Project, a charity which collects unused food from suppliers and turns it into meals for vulnerable people.

How were the children chosen? Jennie replied, “I wanted as many children as possible to feature on the CD so I chose to include all of our music clubs. Then as we had our House Music event that afternoon I allowed all of the House soloists a track on the CD.  I then asked the peripatetic staff  to nominate a student who had been working particularly well that term.”


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