Revised Planning Application for Lovibonds Submitted

Revised plans have been submitted to develop Lovibonds, back of 19-21 Market Place into seven luxury flats.  The revised plans include more detail of internal alterations, revised parking layout, boundary treatment and landscaping, provision of construction management plan, noise survey and mitigation, air quality ventilation systems and bin stores.

Councillor Glen Lambert who is leading the Save Lovibonds campaign said, “The amendments are minor technicalities that do not change anything from the Lovibonds perspective. Worse, the architect is trying to argue that community events and retailing occurred at the site without permission. This won’t hold water because, as the architect readily admits, the landlord was aware and allowed them to continue. Indeed, the landlord is himself a customer as some regulars have met him when he has come in – he also held his son’s 21st brithday party at Lovibonds a few years ago so cannot claim to be unaware that such functions were taking place.

The amended plans still:

Demolish an historic site
Deprive the town of one of its top tourist attractions
Deprive the community of a valued and unique facility
Deprive Lovibonds of their only retail space
Remove valuable commercial space from the heart of the Town Centre
Constitute over development
Provide inadequate parking spaces (fewer than 1 per flat)
Damage the local economy and remove two retail positions
Contravene both the National Planning Strategy and South Oxfordshire’s Core Strategy

SODC are under considerable pressure to facilitate the building of homes AND to reduce the number of planning decisions that are appealed so there is a very real risk of a terrible and destructive decision being made here.”

Glen is calling on everyone to object to these revised plans.  The deadline is this Thursday 8 March.  Go to

Lovibonds will again host the Henley Youth Festival Gig Night on Saturday 10 March where young local musicians will perform.

On Trip Advisor, Lovibonds is one of the top 5 Henley attractions (after Grey’s Court and Nuffield Place which aren’t in Henley), highlighting the point that this historic tourist site should be saved.