Have Your Say – Response to Thames Farm Development Vs Highlands Farm

It seems eminently suitable and practical to permit a development of 95 homes which will exit onto an A road. Regular bus services run along this road and the proposed development site is within walking distance of a local railway station.

Compare this with the larger construction in the JHHNP in Harpsden Parish being developed at Highlands Farm where Crest Nicholson are currently advertising 98 homes (with a further application lodged for five extra houses) and where there will also be some light industrial units. All traffic from this development will pour out onto the small unclassified road from Rotherfield Greys to Henley which leads into the town via Greys Road, a really small feeder road to Henley, which will not only have to accept the traffic from this development but from the mews houses being built at the top shops and the properties to be built on the youth club and Wilkins former depot sites as well as being the access route to four schools and one college.

What is particularly unfair is that the parish of Rotherfield Greys will not benefit at all from the Community Infrastructure Levy (which is worth £2 million), to help introduce welfare measures through a village which, for instance, has no pavements to enable the villagers and people visiting the ancient monument in the church to walk around in relative safety – that money is being shared between Harpsden and Henley.

Gillian Ovey

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  1. Kelvin Logan says:

    Housing developments next to a major highway out-of-town are perfectly logical and should have been given priority. The Council has spent a lot of money trying to stop the Thames Farm / Engbers developments in what seems to have been a vendetta against the owners. In the meantime they have approved several developments along the length of Greys Road, not just at Highlands Farm. Nearly 200 new properties will be built from Deanfield Avenue up to Highlands Farm that will add traffic to the main connecting route which serves, in part, three primary schools, our main secondary school and Henley College!


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