Five Free Places for 5 Steps to Happiness Workshops

The Hypno Guide is giving away five free places at their workshop “5 Steps to Happiness” in March (worth more than £1500.00 in total) to five deserving people who want to change limiting beliefs and find peace and happiness in their lives despite their circumstances. This includes 5 group workshop sessions, 1 per month, backed up by monthly meetings, a private online support group and access to additional resources and tools.

The Hypno Guide (Diane Parker) has helped others create change in their lives and find long lasting peace.  After finding peace and experiencing an incredible transformation in her own life after encountering tragedy and adversity, Diane is passionate about sharing her knowledge by helping others find the path to peace and happiness. She felt extremely passionate and has since given up her career to dedicate her time to others full time helping them find the peace they truly deserve.

With a wealth of knowledge in this sector all Diane’s therapies are evidence based helping you create long lasting change. She has attended numerous retreats, with a long list of qualifications, The Hypno Guide uses techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness, forever learning.

She is a Certified Evidence Based Hypnotherapist, Behavioural Therapist, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator, Certified VGB practitioner, has a Certificate in Corporate Hypnotherapy and Certified in the Jeffrey Stephens Protocol in Hypnotherapy.

In addition to all of the above The Hypno Guide offers the world-renowned gastric-band hypnosis sessions to help people lose weight, a smoking cessation service which has clinical backing, sessions to help people drink less alcohol, sessions tailored to help people de-stress and reduce anxiety, sessions with your work force or sales team to increase productivity and sales.

Diane said,  “I was thinking about what to do to mark the New Year, and got thinking about my own resolution, and if I was going to make one. I decided that I would be more philanthropic in 2018, to give more back to the community and to charities. And I thought to start 2018 I would give away these sessions to help others discover the incredible benefits of personal development and Hypnotherapy and understand how important it is to work on oneself regardless of your successes. Rather than just picking someone at random I thought it would be nice to give to someone the opportunity who was in need.”

Would YOU like to be considered for the Free Workshop?
The Hypno Guide has asked that anyone interested in the chance of attending the free workshop contacts her to nominate themselves by telling her why they feel they deserve to attend the 5 free workshop sessions starting on 21st March 2018. People can also nominate a friend or relative who they think need some help and is deserving of this opportunity.