Henley Schools Get Going on Their Green Projects for Environmental Competition

Badgemore Community Primary School, Rupert House School, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Shiplake Church of England Primary School, St Mary’s School, Sonning Common Primary School and Trinity Church of England Primary School have all entered Henley Schools Environmental Science Competition 2018.

This year’s – 2018 – proposals developed by the school children include projects to investigate a range of subjects, from climate change, to food miles, packaging, single-use plastics, food waste, waste minimisation, reuse and recycling, soil nutrition and pond habitats.  Projects can be based on any area of scientific investigation into the environment – local, national, or global.

The competition has been running since 2003, and this year is very generously sponsored by Quintessa, The Henley Veterinary Centre, Henley-in-Bloom, Henley Town Council and Thamesfield Youth Association.  The main cash prize, and trophy (see photo) will be awarded for the project with the best application of scientific methods to an environmental issue. Other cash grants towards promoting environmental education may also be available at the judges’ discretion.

For the next three months groups of pupils will be working as teams undertaking scientific research, conducting experiments, working through analysis, recording results, drawing conclusions and finally presenting their findings for submission by 25 May.  Work can be presented in any form – folders, displays, audio, video, art or performance.

The Awards ceremony is being held on 6 June at the River and Rowing Museum.

The competition is organised by members of Henley-in-Transition, a local community group that works to develop resilience and sustainability, and to build awareness of the challenges we all face from climate change, energy depletion, pollution and financial risk.

It’s not too late…. if you’re a pupil or group of pupils at a Henley primary school, and if perchance you already have a project underway, or have a keen desire to undertake scientific investigation into an environmental issue….it would be great to hear from you. Please do email on henley.in.transition@gmail.com.

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