Green Blog – There is No ‘Planet’ B

Global warming or Climate Change is what happens when the Earth’s atmosphere warms up. Scientists believe that it is caused by us releasing Greenhouse gases into the Earth’s air. If we do not take action soon, temperatures will continue to rise. This will mean that ice in Arctic and Antarctic will continue melting, which could lead to mass flooding around the world. Other weather has been changing too. More storms are occurring, and there have been record breaking high temperatures. Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. They are made when we burn fossil fuels, which are oil, natural gas and coal. Climate change is affecting other animals as well. Lots of habitats are changing, making more endangered and extinct species. Some people think climate change is just natural. What do you think?

My promise to the planet is… To try my hardest to use as little energy as possible and therefore protect our animals.

Written by Jemima Brewer, Year 6, Rupert House School