When Will Henley Bridge Be Fixed After Lorry Hit it Last Regatta?

Henley Bridge was hit by a lorry at last year’s Henley Regatta and since then has boarded up by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) with an orange plastic barrier safety fence.

Coming up to nearly a year since the incident, we asked OCC why it hasn’t been fixed and what are the plans for this be done.

A spokesperson for OCC said, “Maintaining a bridge like this is expensive and so we have to prioritise our resources with the first priority being safety. Our works have now received all the relevant permissions to proceed. We are working on a Traffic Management Plan as we will need to create a safe working zone around the works that could require at least a lane closure on the bridge.”

“We want to minimise the disruption to highway users as much as possible and will therefore programme the work carefully to achieve this. In addition, because of the listed status of the bridge, we are required to use a lime mortar for the repairs and this should not be used in temperatures of less than 5 degrees Celsius. With this in mind, we do not want to start the work early and risk material failure so we are looking at the late spring early summer to undertake the works. In the meantime, we are keep the bridge safe for all users.”

As soon as we know the exact plans for the works, we’ll publish them.


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