Last Call to Enter This Girl Can Competition for Free Place for Henley Mile Swim

The Henley Swim will for the fourth consecutive year are running a competition, in conjunction with Sport England This Girl Can, to give away free places in the Henley Mile on 15th July 2018.

Henley Swim is looking for 5 women, aged 16 or above, who have never swum in an open water swimming event before, but would like to put themselves out of their comfort zone and try something completely new.

The 5 winners will have 3 and a half months to train to swim a mile in the Thames. During this time they will also be blogging about their experiences, talking about their training, their lives, their mindset, the elements of the swim they are concerned about, and the areas that don’t worry them at all. Although likely to be geographically widespread, the This Girl Can swimmers will get to know one another through a private Facebook group, where they can chat in confidence with the group, along with mentors from Henley Swim.

Henley Swim’s co-founder Jeremy Laming said “The This Girl Can swimmers have now become a firmly establish group at the Henley Mile. The Henley Swim community eagerly awaits their blogs, and the support for the swimmers on the day of the event is huge. We have been lucky enough to get to know some amazing women through this campaign, and we are certain that 2018 will bring us another group of women who are ready to challenge themselves and show that This Girl Can.”

The selected swimmers will also have the platform to complete a regular blog. You can read the blogs of our previous This Girl Can Henley Mile swimmers here.

If you are interested in being considered for one of the free places please click here, and fill in the form telling us a little about yourself, why you want to swim what is motivating you to becoming one of our 2018 This Girl Can swimmers.

For more details of the competition, along with a message from Alison, one of our 2016 swimmers, and a link to the entry process, please visit The closing date for entries is Sunday 25th March 2018.

If you, or someone you know wishes to enter the Henley Mile or one of the other Henley Swim events, without being a part of the This Girl Can competition, please visit We have events for all ages from 8 upwards, and distances from 200m to 14km


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