Gillotts Showcase Their Spectacular Talent

Over 160 Gillotts students were involved in their new creative arts show, The Gillotts Spectacular this week which saw two evenings of a variety show that included some brilliant music, dance and drama.

Drama included very funny fairy tales and a verbatim theatre piece about ‘Homelessness’ by the Year 10 GCSE group.  Dance performances featured Year 7 ‘It’s a hard knock life‘ to the Elite Dancers filling the stage with ‘Electricity‘ (Billy Elliot). Music captured the ‘stage and screen’ theme with Chamber group showing us their Strictly Come Dancing moments as well as Indiana Jones getting a look in, and the choir performed a beautiful rendition of ‘Feed the Birds’ from Mary Poppins and got the audience involved in the American upbeat music from Hairspray.

Other standout performances included Key Stage 3 Boys Street Dance group and ‘I know him so well‘ sung by Maddie Bourne and Ella Davies in Yr 11 with an accompanying dance by Elsa Horne and Kala Green Yr 9.

The extra-curricular art group created the brilliant scenery for the show and students were also in charge of the sounds, lights and had backstage roles.

The finale saw all of the performers on stage to blow the audience away with ‘Africa‘ by Toto.

Frances David, Head of Music said, “The first meeting to discuss The Gillotts Spectacular happened in May 2017 and we didn’t even have a name for it then! Fast forward 10 months, hundreds of hours of rehearsals, costumes and make-up bought, songs, dances and drama lines learnt and we finally made it!! The evenings took immense preparation and a huge amount of hard work, but as a Creative Arts Team we are incredibly proud of what we and the student achieved. It absolutely confirmed that Gillotts IS Spectacular!!”

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