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Digital Distribution is a newly created team @ Invesco which consists of 40 hand-picked individuals from Digital Marketing, Technology and the CRM function. Think of us as like a tribe of digital activists who focus on corporate and sector disruption who have a healthy disregard for anything digital traditional investment managers have done in the past.

We have MASSIVE aspirations as a crew but are completely focused on four simple goals:

  1. To generate leads from existing or new clients
  2. To generate assets (get people to invest into our funds) digitally by using technologies such as web-chat
  3. To use digital to give clients and visitors that want it a better, faster and more accessible service
  4. To shake-up Invesco by developing new digital operating models to create a “new world order” So, what is our vision here? Simple, we want to create strategic advantage by developing new business models underpinned by digital. As a team we are highly motivated, do not act like your common financial services stereotype and we pride ourselves on changing an age-old industry that is resistant to change.

Welcome to the new world order! As a part of our digital initiatives in 2018 we are setting up an Inbound Marketing Team. The team will have 100% autonomy to develop and distribute quality content to generate web traffic for harvesting into leads or sales on our websites or landing pages. The teams focus will be to execute a high volume of hyper-targeted B2B campaigns to existing and new clients to achieve one of three goals:

  1. Generate traffic to our web assets that we can generate a new lead from or sell to
  2. Create engagement with our website’s content to drive a desired lead score threshold
  3. Generate quality B2B traffic to the website to complete a measured online goal (such as a CTA click or form submission) To this note, our team is looking for a highly experienced digital content curator that can generate and curate new content for distribution on platforms such as our website, Social Media Platforms, for our PPC adverts and campaign landing pages and any other platform where we communicate to our clients or you can bring to the table. We view content as the fuel that will power our Inbound Marketing machine. Without fuel our machine wont run, so this is a critical role for us and it is crucial we find the right person. We are after a forward-thinking and resourceful story-teller who will curate the same old long and boring financial content into a snappy, vibrant, snackable and easy read article ready for multiple web formats.

If you are a financial writer that looks at content and thinks “wow I could do that better”, and are not afraid to use online metrics to help you improve engagement with visitors that read your work, then we want to hear from you! What we can offer you: • An entrepreneurial working environment. If you can make a case for a project that helps achieve our goals or fits within our vision, we would encourage and pave the way for you to deliver it • A team that supports and collaborates with you • A fun environment that is not your typical Financial Services way-of-working • Challenges that will if solved not only positively impact our organisation and clients, however will also be a first in our industry • A competitive salary • Training to further your career and development. We want you to stay progressive and relevant and therefore we will invest in you to do just that!



  • The right fit for this role will be someone who has come from a role within the BBC or another large news / content machine who is use to working under pressure to deliver content to a B2B financial professional audience
  • Firstly, you will be a total financial content curation expert and have demonstrable experience of writing and curating content to fit multiple web formats for example:PPC adverts/Web pages/ Campaign landing pages/ Social media platforms (LinkedIn and Twitter)/ Email campaign (writing in the templates)
  • You will have worked with multiple web formats such as the following:Textual articles and content/ Video/ Infographics/ And anything new you can bring to the table
  • Demonstrable experience taking complex, internal only content from the product marketing team and chopping it down into formats anyone can understand (from private to professional investors)
  • You will be able to demonstrate how you have used online metrics to help you assess engagement on the content you curate
  • Experience working in a fast pace environment where volume and quality of work needs to be consistently high to get the right results. We would love to hear from people who have perhaps worked for a large content machine such as the BBC, other news companies.But again, we are open to ideas so if you think you can knock it out of the park, we want to hear from you.
  • You should be able to understand the theory of inbound marketing and how content is the fuel that keeps the machine running to generate traffic and leads
  • Candidates that can build tight relationships with internal candidates such as product marketers, investment writers and fund managers
  • Educated to a degree level or if not are able to clearly demonstrate that you are an expert in all the above skills

Full details including Key Responsibilities can be found by clicking here

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