Leander Club Welcomes Ex-Somaliland Scouts For Annual Reunion

Leander Club Host Ex-Somaliland Scouts Officers ReunionLeander Club Host Ex-Somaliland Scouts Officers ReunionLeander Club Host Ex-Somaliland Scouts Officers ReunionLeander Club Host Ex-Somaliland Scouts Officers ReunionLeander Club Host Ex-Somaliland Scouts Officers ReunionLeander Club Host Ex-Somaliland Scouts Officers Reunion

Yesterday, (Thursday) ex-Somaliland Scouts officers and their families gathered at Leander Club for a special reunion lunch. The annual reunion event, organised by Henley resident Brigadier Malcolm Page, saw people travel from across the country to attend, and even across oceans!

The men in attendance had all (bar one) served in Somaliland, although at various times and locations. It was a chance for making new acquaintances, as well as reminiscing with familiar friends.The guests feasted on a buffet of delicious curry, all washed down with a drink or two, whilst overlooking the River Thames.

The lunch was an opportunity to raise money for Somali Veterans. At present, there are about 140 veterans who had Crown Service and are living in poverty in the former Protectorate. There was an auction of paintings and artefacts, in addition to donations before the event. Ex-Somaliland Scout Tony Randall was a key instigator in fundraising. “I’ve been leading a drive to get donations from people ahead of today,” he commented. “Currently we have raised around £5,000.” Tony travelled from Australia to attend the reunion, whilst his daughter Jacqueline Roos flew in from New York to accompany him.

Brigadier Malcolm Page also played a vital role in the reunion’s organisation. Brig. Page once founded the Somaliland Scouts Association, a network of former Scouts, which was used to stay in touch and raise money for veterans. Though the Association has since become obsolete due to members passing away, Tony Randall revealed, “The remnants of it is that people stay in touch and are sitting around this table today.” Malcolm expressed, “I’m delighted that we’ve managed yet another reunion.”

  1. Chris Bedford says:

    My father served with the Somaililand Scouts from 1950 – 55. Sgt W.J.Bedford and his wife Lilian who also worked as a Clerk at the HQ. I have recently had some 8mm cine films digitised and would be happy to send them to anyone who wishes to see them. Some include Sgts Mess, Gymkhanas and Military Parades.
    I am also compiling photos from that era. Some of his photos were used in an edition of “Soldier” for an article on The Somaliland Scouts. I also have a copy of that.
    I would appreciate if this could be sent to any interested parties

    • Philip skinner says:

      Hi Chris, I found the reunion details very interesting as my father was in the somaliland scouts. Around the period you mention so I reckon your dad must have known mine. Wo2 Maxwell skinner, I was actually born their in 1954. Have my dads medals a couple of photos and collar dogs etc. My father had a pet cheetah out there and when posted back arranged airfreight back here. He lived out his life in Dudley zoo. Anyway I would be really interested to see any bits you have as am trying to piece together his military service via army records. All the best Phil skinner.

    • Cabdi Jaamac says:

      Dear Chris,

      My name is Cabdi Jaamac and I am living in Bristol now, so, I am Writing a book about Somaliland Scouts as I from there origin, can you help anything about Somaliland Scouts Pictures,Books or anything.
      hopefully, you will reply with some information weather is big or small.

      Best Wishes

      Cabdi Jaamac

  2. Jama Yusduf says:

    Im very glad to see here articles from Ex- Somaliland Scouts.
    I’m Jama Yussuf who was in formal British Somaliland in early 60’s now living 8n Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire .
    I would like to know if any one has a photos or other mateial related Somaliland Scout as I have interest what the Scots history in Somaliland.
    I’m very proud to see here for your reunion.

    Jama Yussuf

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