Historical Town Hall Lamp Restored

The old gas fired lamp above the Town Hall door has been restored to its beautiful former glory thanks to Daren Stoner who grew up in Henley.

Daren who now lives in Bristol and is a blacksmith has returned the lamp to its copper colour and restored all the iron work.  Daren said, “I was delighted to do this after my Mum, Val said that the Mayor (Kellie Hinton) said how awful the old lamp looked.  It is my gift back to my home town.”

It took Daren around 3 weeks to complete and was reinstalled last week.

The Mayor, Councillor Kellie Hinton said, “I’m really appreciative that Daren, with his considerable skill set and busy schedule offered to restore the lamp to it’s former glory. Those who remember it in situ previously will remember how horrible it looked – painted white and very rusty. The lamp is now worthy of being at the entrance to one of the most important buildings in town. Thanks very much to Daren and also Val for arranging. Also thanks to Janet Wheeler, the Town Clerk, who was helpful in the process and to Cllr Eggleton, who assisted Daren in removing the lamp to be restored.”


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