Waitrose Security Man Loses Job After Accosting Suspected Shoplifter

A Waitrose security man was captured on video wrestling with a suspected shoplifter on Saturday afternoon outside the Henley store and has been published on the Mail Online website.

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The article says…

“The horrified onlooker who filmed the incident said: ‘I was a bit concerned because in this day and age you never know how things can eascalate. That’s why I thought I should video it just in case something went wrong because he was shouting and the security guard was kicking him. When he was being swung around by the bag I thought “Oh dear”.

The article also says that the police were not called to this incident.

A Waitrose spokesperson said: ‘We have contacted the security company and the guard will no longer work in any Waitrose store.’

A Henley Herald reader who sent us this article said, “My son works in Waitrose and said the security guard is a really nice guy. He definitely didn’t need to lose his job.”


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  1. Mark Evans says:

    I thought Security Guards were supposed to accost shop-lifters and stop goods being stolen from their employers? Seems like he has done his job here. He was not to know the alleged shop-lifter would resist so strongly. He would probably have been taken to task by his employer had he merely talked nicely to the guy and let him go with his loot!


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