Henley’s Biggest Tea Party – Open Day and Charity Tea 

Henley’s Biggest Tea Party in aid of the Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children is drawing to a close and around Henley local people have had some wonderful tea parties in order to raise money and awareness for the Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children. This initiative has run for the past month and asked members of the local community to host a tea party and ask their friends or family for donations.
This weekend, coinciding with National Tea Day is the last official weekend of Henley’s Biggest Tea Party. If you would like to get involved but haven’t had time to host your own party, please do join the team at Henley Village Montessori Nursery (Christ Church Centre, Reading Road) from 10 – 12 this Saturday 21st April. Adults will have the opportunity to purchase a cream tea, while children can express their creativity decorating cookies. The morning will be a casual social and opportunity to see the nursery, meet families that use the nursery and get to know local people. Lawlor’s The Bakers are kindly sponsoring some of the sweet treats so you can expect a truly delicious morning!
Harriet Barcella, community fundraiser at the Chiltern Centre said, ‘we have been so thrilled that the local community have really embraced Henley’s Biggest Tea Party and we are excited to keep building on this year on year. We would like to say a special thanks to Cook who offered anyone hosting a tea party a huge 30% off between 24th March and 21st April and to all of those who hosted or attended a tea party. If you haven’t had a chance to get involved but would like to, we would love for you to do a tea party at any time and are always available to support you to make it a success. The Chiltern Centre relies on the generosity of the community and events like these really help us to ensure that we can continue to provide vital support to disabled children and their families.’
For more information about Henley’s Biggest Tea Party, visit http://www.chilterncentre.org.uk/news/henleys-biggest-tea-party/