Private Personal Training Studio Seeks To Expand After Soaring Success

Adam Lubbock is pushing the personal side of Personal Training at his ADVHQ gym, based at Henley Self Storage on Newton Road. The enterprising PT opened his bespoke private training centre on July 2017 with the help of Darren West, and business has been flourishing ever since.

Adam was an experienced Personal Trainer before he chose to open his own training studio. “I’ve been a PT since the day I left school, and started off doing the standard house to house thing, and then I got a base at the rugby club but it was a means to an end,” he explained. “This was a short in the dark. I was getting my car done next door and I came in to get a coffee, and I could see that it was more than just self storage. Originally I said to Darren, ‘Mate can I convert a storage unit and put a squat rack in there so I can train,’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah sure we can probably do better than that!”

The unit was converted into a fully functioning gym complete with state of the art kit, including an ergo, a squat rack, and more dumbbells than you could ever wish to lift. The business has grown enough for Adam to employ another ADVPT, Dyneal, and plans for expansion are in the works. He revealed, “Since it’s been open, I’ve been grafting and it’s done even better than I thought it would. I’ve been a PT for a while, and my business has probably tripled in nine month since coming here.”

Adam is hoping to expand his unit to twice its current size by the end of the year. “I’m going to experiment with a few classes over the summer, see how they do, and make a decision in August time. I’ll probably expand based on its success, as I can’t go outside in winter so I’ll need the space. It’s such a unique space I’m in, that I can take a unit at a time as I do better. I can go from this, to twice as big, to two and a half, to three and so on.” As he looks to extend his ADVHQ, Adam admits that he can’t quite believe his luck. “I feel so lucky. I feel like this area is just going to get bigger and bigger, and more exciting, and I’m the gym in it! It’s mental!”

Despite his desire to expand the gym, Adam is keen to keep the personal touch of the service he offers. “I want to focus on one person and for them to feel like they’re the only person in here,” he expressed. He is also on a mission to make Personal Training accessible for everyone. “I want people to enjoy all the benefits of having a PT, but getting it out to people who normally wouldn’t have a PT. So one thing I do is crossover sessions: someone turns up at, say, 5 and trains until 6, and someone else turns up at 5:30 and trains until 6:30. So there’s half an hour where they train separately but in the same space, and it works out cheaper for both of them.”

Adam’s inventive approach to training has attracted a variety of people to work with him, from young men to busy mums. All of them are familiar with his ‘swear kitty’, which they have to put into if their tongue gets a little loose in training. The money from the kitty goes to Music for Autism, a charity for which Adam is a trustee. As almost all his clients come from recommendations, he must be doing something right!

If you would like to train at ADVHQ, contact Adam on 07766705973 and, or Dyneal on 07895 097814 and