STEM Week at Rupert House School

What an amazing week we had celebrating the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in our everyday lives!

From nursery to year 6, students at Rupert House took part in workshops, competitions and team challenges all to do with STEM.  In Y4, my friends and I made rockets out of recyclable materials, filled them up with water and launched them together.  The project helped us to know how to work as a team by including everyone’s ideas and requiring us to listen to each other.

We also did a workshop called  “Green up your act” which was about recycling materials to make everyday items.  We made note books using old cardboard for the front and back base, road maps for the front and back cover and last, recycled paper for the pages to write on.

An organisation called Lu’s Owls gave us the chance to learn, listen, look and hold her beautiful owls.  We looked at a Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Long-eared owl and the Little Owl. I held the long Eared but liked the Barn Owl the most because its feathers were silky – this is because Barn Owls are the only owls that do not have oil on their feathers which is also why they don’t go out on rainy days.

On Thursday, we parked our car further away and scooted to school in order to reduce pollution from cars and also stay fit and healthy.

On the last day of STEM, we were allowed to come to school in our home clothes, provided that we bring in pants to give to a charity that collects clothes to for kids who live in poverty.

With all the fun we had this week, I now feel inspired to learn more about STEM topics and do more for charity.  After reading my article, I hope you feel this way as well!

by Annabel Buff, Year 4