Brownies Reunite Purse with Owner

1st Henley Brownies carried out a litter pick last Thursday evening as they weren’t able to join the town’s Spring Clean a few weeks ago.

They targeted the footpaths around Greys and Valley Roads as well as around the ‘top shops’ and the Council owned car park there too.  One Brownie, Penny White was surprised to find a black purse in the bushes at the car park belonging to a Diane Lucas.

On Saturday afternoon, Michaela Clarke, Brownie Leader reunited the purse with Diane after finding her driver’s licence with her address inside the purse.  Michaela said, “Diane was so overcome after I knocked on the door and was delighted to receive her purse back.  Diane told me that she thought she had dropped it at the car park on Tuesday and was worried so she cancelled all her cards.  She very kindly insisted on giving a donation to the Brownies for a special treat.”

As well as the purse, the Brownies found an umbrella, lots of plastic drink bottles along with crisp, chocolate, sweet wrappers and disgusting dog poo bags even though there are bins a short distance away on Grey’s Road and at the entrance to Gillotts Field.  Come on Henley dog owners, please dispose of your dog’s poo responsibly.



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