Christ Church Minister Glyn to be Speaker at Sceptics and Believers Discussion Group

Henley’s Sceptics and Believers Discussion Group will be learning from local minister Glyn Millington at their next meeting, the last formal meeting of the season on Monday 21 May at the Red Lion Hotel.

Glyn will be addressing what can we really know of Jesus of Nazareth from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  These are basically the only documents we have that provide biographical material on Jesus of Nazareth.  We have to wait until over a century after Jesus died for more material and that is largely fantastical and quickly dismissed by historians.

Thus the reliability of the gospels is central to what we can really know about Jesus himself rather than beliefs about him.

Glyn will be giving the scholarship on these vital documents.  Please come along and get involved!  No background knowledge is required to contribute, to question, to listen or to give your views.

Do come in time to buy a drink and chat before the formal start at 8pm.

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