Rotary Club Scholar Megan Gives Talk on Her Life & Studies

The Rotary Club of Henley Bridge welcomed the scholar they are hosting this year, Meghan Forest, to their Wednesday evening meeting. The Rotary movement have a scholar programme whereby post graduate students can apply for funding to study in different countries fully funded.  This allows students the opportunity not only to study their subject of choice, but to experience life in another country, become familiar with a different culture, engage with a variety of people and take part in the different Rotary events taking place throughout the year.  The Rotary Scholar Programme provides each student with a Rotarian host in the country they are studying, to ensure that they have support and a welcome environment when they arrive in Great Britain. This year Rotarian Ian Black and his wife Catherine have been host to Meghan.

Megan gave a talk to Henley Bridge Rotary about her life in America,  the subject she is studying and the different things she has done in Oxford.  Megan comes from a small town called Romeo, near Detroit in Southeast Michigan. Whilst Meghan obviously misses her family most of all she misses her dog, Cody. Meghan studied Anthropology and History at an Arts University in Michigan.

Meghan is reading for an MSc in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology at Kellogg College in Oxford. This course of study looks at the way people relate to the things around them. Most of Meghan’s study takes place at the Pitt Rivers Museum which is a very interesting place, housing archaeological and ethnographic objects from all over the world. The Museum was founded in 1884 when General Pitt Rivers gave his collection to Oxford University.

Meghan has met a variety of people at Kellogg college which is made up entirely of post graduate students studying many different subjects. She enjoyed her visit to the Rotary District Conference in Cheltenham and has been to Henley several times to visit Ian and Catherine. One of the Henley Bridge Rotary members is taking Meghan to Henley Royal Regatta so that she can  be involved in the quintessential Henley experience.


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