Mollie Hangs Tough to Complete Skydive Challenge

As a result of an inspiring conversation with a Carlo Sisi an ex-Paratrooper at the launch of the Henley Poppy Appeal last autumn Mollie Jeffrey, Henley RBL’s membership secretary found herself thinking wouldn’t it be terrific to do a tandem skydive with the Red Devils which she completed last week at Old Sarum Airfield near Salisbury.

Mollie said, “It was an overwhelming experience, as those who’ve already done it with a lot less fuss know already, and it really did seem a huge thing to me even though I felt pretty calm immediately beforehand. One of my friends asked me why I was at all frightened if I wasn’t worried about the parachute opening (I wasn’t) and didn’t think I was going to meet my Maker (I didn’t) and I can’t really answer that. It just is a pretty strange thing to be hanging outside a plane at 14,000’ waiting to fall out tightly attached to my handsome Red Devil and whoosh, we’ve gone. It took 12 hours for my ears to unpop and 24 hours to stop shaking!”

Carlo said, “Lots of people talk about doing a skydive and never actually do it.  I was really impressed with Mollie’s determination to carry out the huge challenge she’d set herself.”

“My loyal supporters gave me a round of applause when I staggered back to them on terra firma (my favourite place, no question). I was wrapped in the Royal British Legion flag supplied by our wonderful chairman John Green, presented with the only trophy I’ve ever won in my whole life, and even given a set of Carlo’s precious Paratrooper wings badges as he was the one who first inspired me to do the sky dive through his extraordinary enthusiasm and his own bravery,” added Mollie.

Mollie has raised over £3,000 including Gift Aid for the Royal British Legion.  If you would like to donate go to

Mollie concluded, “It has been one of the highlights of my life and so once again – a HUGE thank you to everyone for their donation to the Royal British Legion which I can’t tell you how much I appreciate.