Children Love Learning in Their New Allotment

Henley Village Montessori Nursery officially opened their allotment at Waterman’s on Reading Road on Friday with the cutting of a ribbon.

The nursery took over the 10 pole allotment last summer and have now created the perfect place for the young children to enjoy the out of doors where they can learn where their food comes from as well as growing flowers and other nature related activities.  Currently the children visit once a week but this is soon to increase to twice a week and in the future it is hoped the children will visit every day during the warmer months.

Kaley Hayes, Nursery Manager said, “This is a very special place.  The children most days ask if they are coming here and get very excited.  It’s great for them to experience nature in their learning for example in Maths with measuring plants and counting things.  We’re also hoping to develop further our Forest School in the woodlands behind the allotments with the help of Henley Town Council.”

Doug Richards, Site Manager at Waterman’s and David Eggleton cut the ribbon.  Doug said, “Up until last summer this plot was derelict and overgrown for the last two years. It’s great to see and watch it develop into what it has become today.  I love to see children up here on the allotments enjoying themselves.”

Many people have helped to create the new Nursery allotment including Southern Plant with hire of equipment, allotment holders have helped clear the allotment and given plants and David Eggleton has donated tools, pallets, pots and timber to make the fence to keep the children safe.

David said, “It is great for the children to get involved in gardening at such an early age and I’m sure it will help with them getting into related things later in life, perhaps chefs, gardeners etc.”

Melinda whose son Maximilian attends the Nursery said, “I love this nursery and the emphasis it gives on the outdoors.  Since starting here, Maxmilian has become much more confident and loves the outdoor activities.”