Loch Fyne Closes and CAU Possibly Under Threat

Loch Fyne restaurant closed it’s doors on Sunday in Market Place.

This is nothing to do with the development of Market Place Mews.  A spokesperson for Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill, said: “To be able to continue investing in our estate, from time to time we have to make the difficult decision to close a restaurant. After much consideration, we decided to close our Henley restaurant on Sunday 20 May. We would like to thank all our customers who visited over the years.”

CAU restaurant in Hart Street may also be under threat after The Gaucho group, who own the brand CAU announced it was currently assessing the future of the brand last week which has 22 restaurants in the UK.  It has been reported that accountancy giant KPMG are looking at company voluntary arrangement (CVA) proposal that would require the approval of landlords and other creditors.

Let’s hope this major site in Market Place doesn’t stay empty too long unlike others but perhaps one of the large chains who have previously said they need a large site in Henley will look at this now.

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  1. Martin Akehurst says:

    Since the August 2009 car park survey by District that showed the car parks full during weekdays (not even weekends) the shop footfall has dropped as people shop elsewhere. We need investment in parking to win back those customers or the rise of empty shops will continue.

    Christmas week is a farce as the main car parks gridlock. District shelved the survey and ignored the problem. We now have the result. I’d also add that I have witnessed two boardroom decisions of major chains refusing to move to Henley due to lack of footfall.

    We need to change this perception or we’ll be a dormitory of charity shops and coffee outlets.

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